Patrolling Part II-Negroes in Space- Negroes Intergalatus- NIGS-Short

Credits- One Blaze Studio Inc
Writing- Story-Music-Lyrics-Narration-Stage man _Jermain Fraser(G6).:::::
Concept,Characters/Art/ Animation – Nedrick Mclaren:::::::
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Negros in Space– Patrolling( N.I.G.S)- Negro intergalatus
A team of badass space enforcers, encounter an unexpected resistance.-Part II
continuing where part one left of the team are about to embark on their adventure.
a blend of both Cosmic Clash and the first episode of Patrolling.
So we are at it again with this adventure. This is more of a homage to Teknoman/Tekkaman, Guyver.