PATROLLING 2.5 “Venus the Traitor”


Two versions were released one for Newgrounds and the other for Youtube both are identical but
viewed differently. If you could be so kind give both some love and thumbs up if you like. Thanks.

FOR THE NEWGROUNDS VERSION Click on the image below.


Patrolling 2.5 is Finally released. Check it out done by both brother from the same mother.
Ned and Jerry are dragons forever. Live the code the code of the dragon. Oh wrong story.
Patrolling is an animated series following a team of space patrols investigating a distress
call only this was more than just a distress call. Continuing where episode two left off.
Patrolling 2.5 Go a bit more in depth with the team.

Production One Blaze Studio Inc
Co-creators Nedrick Mclaren & Jermain Fraser
Writer- Narrator-co-director-Music Jermain Fraser
Co-director- Animator- Character Designer- Nedrick Mclaren

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