Oneblaze Nivek Co-productions

The Below were a series of short animation that Oneblazestudio Inc and Nivekproanimations worked on together. All the below were animated by Nedrick Mclaren, but the majority of the writing and dialogue was done by Kevin Jackson of Nivekproanimations with the exception of Flight195 where the lead voice actor was Jermain Fraser.

Flight195 Animated by Nedrick Mclaren, voice by Jermain Fraser and Kevin Jackson.

I.T Speaks Shorts created by Kevin Jackson animated by Nedrick Mclaren

A Destiny Moment Created by Nedrick Mclaren voiced by Kevin Jackson.

Nivekproanimations currently a one man band Kevin Jackson and One Blaze Studio inc partnered up to produce several short animations brought to the public first through ideas that were originally created by Kevin as comic strips.These strips were then recreated in short animated segments. These were the first joint venture which then evolved into various project here are simply a few of those projects. Depending on the project Kevin or Nedrick will take the roles of either the animator, voice actor, writer and or director. Most times these roles are shared ending in a co-production effort. Check out Kevin Jackson website NivekFilms