Being a manager

Being a manager may need you to learn

Patrolling Part II-Negroes in Space- Negroes Intergalatus- NIGS-Short

Credits- One Blaze Studio Inc
Writing- Story-Music-Lyrics-Narration-Stage man _Jermain Fraser(G6).:::::
Concept,Characters/Art/ Animation – Nedrick Mclaren:::::::
More info below
Adding to that is the video break down for Patrolling part II

Negros in Space– Patrolling( N.I.G.S)- Negro intergalatus
A team of badass space enforcers, encounter an unexpected resistance.-Part II
continuing where part one left of the team are about to embark on their adventure.
a blend of both Cosmic Clash and the first episode of Patrolling.
So we are at it again with this adventure. This is more of a homage to Teknoman/Tekkaman, Guyver.


A simple game play of born fighters from game/animation studio One Blaze Studio Inc.

Below is a discussion about the making of the game

VH1 Classic Spot

A commercial Segment created for VH1 Classic back in 2003 while working at Liberty Studios Inc

Arbez-Director’s cut

DIRECTOR CUT has the extended deleted scenes and sketches.
2d animation- Project Arbez- An espionage group infiltrate a facility to steal data.
Things did not go as planned. “work in progress animation”

This was a work in progress animation created some time ago on my free time while on
my venture to become an animator. It has all of my experiments and test runs and my
earlier experience as an animator. It incorporated many things I learnt on the
way and things I would execute much better today.

Rasta Claus Canna Cross it

Rasta Claus canna cross it. Jamaican Santa canna cross it


Animatic for commercial called Pictures

Spider vs Batz Animatic test

A test animatic of spiderman vs Batman
Back in 2009 NY COMIC CON I saw Sanford Green creating a fan art of batman
blocking spiderman’s attack and was inspired to start working on this
piece this is the animatic from that piece.
For the unmuted version go to

Blessing animation test

Animation test for comic book called Blessing by Mark Rand
Animation Nedrick Mclaren

Santa Animation ——Santa Jacked

It’s never funny to get car jacked and the same applies to Santa Clause.
Check out this funny parody on just that matter.