Santa Animation ——Santa Jacked

It’s never funny to get car jacked and the same applies to Santa Clause.
Check out this funny parody on just that matter.

We are botz – we create

Original story idea Nedrick Mclaren- original board Ned
new-story board by Randy Volant. Animation Nedrick.
Thanks to Randy for redoing the story boards based on my original concept.
anime fans of eva will recognize the music.

Born Fighters Teaser

Teaser for game Born Fighters

My life-(colored animatic)

Animation test for test animation My Life Written By Tashema Edwards– and animated by Nedrick Mclaren


PnSwG animation game test

Now you know v2-re-edited

First verse of a song
Featuring the vocal talent of J Fraser (JST)and animation from N mclaren
check out Jermain’s Reverbnation for more songs

Black Dynamite vs Pootie Tang VSSSS – Can you dig it

Alternate version on newgrounds at
A short animation with Black Dynamite facing off against another hero of the community.
Remixed with slightly edited. There was alot more action I wanted to add but I will leave
that for version two(update) or if I ever touch these characters again. Starting another
short, this was a fun venture. I have to thank god that I had the opportunity to do
this as something had to give to allow the work.

Patrolling part I–Negroes in Space- Negroes Intergalatus- NIGS-Short-

Negroes in Space- Negroes Intergalatus- NIGS-Short-Patroling
A team of badass space enforcers, encounter an unexpected resistance. Part 1.
Final fix version.. Audio sync
Join venture between 2 minds on this project.
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You may also check out the voice behind the animation at his page

Cosmic Clash- Animation

Short story a lone hero decides to take on the armada of a horde of space crabs.
Will he win, will he die will will will well watch and see.

A side story within the world of N.I.G.S. This is more a fan service to all the
Tekkman, dragonball z, silver hawks fans out there. Consider it an OAV n short as
it does not tie in directly with the current N.I.G.S Story it is more of my own
divergence into an another exciting adventure which may branch into something of it’s own.
features instrumentals from Florence the Machine.